Publication: Spectroscopic-Compositional-Analysis-of-Electrolyte-during-Initial-SEI-Layer-Formation

The following link allows access to a recent publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. The manuscript details the process of the solid electrolyte interface (SEI) formation during the initial stages of lithiation for an amorphous carbon electrode. Reduction reactions of the Li-ions with standard Li-ion battery electrolyte (EC/PC/DEC) are monitored at multiple voltages during the first loading of lithium into the amorphous carbon electrode. The composition, structure and analysis of the SEI layer on the carbon surface was monitored and analyzed by me via inert-phase diffuse reflectance FTIR methods and then correlated with the first author’s analysis of the liquid electrolyte compounds via LC-MS. These correlation results were further corroborated by a previous study for the exact same systematic analysis utilizing in-situ electrochemical-MS analysis of gas-phase byproducts due to electrolyte decomposition during the initial voltage stages of SEI formation. Such fundamental SEI analysis techniques shed light on the important initial processes of SEI formation occurring for any electrochemical storage device containing battery-type electrodes.

Spectroscopic Compositional Analysis of Electrolyte during Initial SEI Layer Formation